Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ace Hardware: Freebies & Cheapies

Now thru July 6, you can get some awesome deals at Ace Hardware with their mail-in rebates. View your local sale flyer HERE:

Automotive Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners $3.49 - free after $3.49 rebate
Organic Automotive Glass Cleaner $1.99 - free after $1.99 rebate
Biodegradable Car Wash $3.99 - free after $3.99 rebate
All-Purpose Adhesive Caulk $2.99 - free after $2.99 rebate
Off! Insect Repellent Spray $4.49 - $1.49 after $3 rebate
ACE Insect Killer Spray $2.99 - $.99 after $2 rebate

We've had great success with these in the past and the rebate check came very quickly. It's always nice to have a clean car, it makes it feel new again! Thanks Lori.

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