Wednesday, June 24, 2009

$9.99 Oil Change coupon: Wed AZ Rep

Part of my daily routine is reading the morning newspaper over breakfast. It gives me a chance to quickly catch up on the news and I love seeing what coupons and deals I can find to pass along to you!

Yesterday, there was a blue $10 off $20 peelie sticker from Kohl's on the front page. Kohl's seems to offer more and more of these coupons these days, and I'm definitely taking advantage of them. We have a Sonicare electronic toothbrush and the replacement heads can be pretty pricy. They are on sale for 2 for $26 this week and using yesterday's coupon will make them $15 for 2 heads! That's a great price! Plus, if you register your purchase here, they will send you a rebate and coupons to use on your next purchase!

Today, on page A6 of the front section, there is a coupon for a $9.99 oil change at Saturn of Scottsdale. It is in the upper left hand side in bold black print. You must have the coupon to get the price and it's not valid with any other offers. Not only is this a great price, but my husband took our Honda here for an oil change last week and had the most pleasant experience. We called that morning and were able to get an appointment just 4 hours later. He took our 3 year old with him and planned to walk to Costco across the street to get a free sample lunch. To his surprise, when he arrived, they had a great set-up just for kids with a movie, toys, and video games. It was just enough to keep kids occupied for a 1 hour oil change. They ended up playing at Saturn and never made it to Costco - much easier in 100 degree weather!

And, the better part was the oil change was just 9.99 plus tax. Every other time I've had an oil change, there is a disposal fee, a filter fee, a this and that fee, etc, which always doubles the $9.99 cost. Not the case at Saturn of Scottsdale, it was $11 out to door!

We will definitely be going back to Saturn, especially if they continue to offer these coupons. There is no expiration date, so cut out your coupon and file it away for the next time you need this service on your car!

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