Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Big Girl

I post these pictures only for the reason that this girl of mine is just too darn cute and this is my blog to show her off to the world!!! The weather has been absolutely amazing the past week so we've spent almost every day outdoors at our neighborhood park. They just put sun covers over the play equipment so we can be there for hours and be protected from the sun (thinking of you mom!). Here are a few snapshots from our past few days of fun!

But how do I get out there?

She actually looked at the camera and smiled!

I can't see you so you can't see me!

Just remember this cute face next time I disobey you mom!

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Nana Ellen said...

Hi Becca...I found you through Lori's post about her Faith. Your encouraging words to her moved my heart, so I came to see who you are. Love your blog, your baby girl and Buster! Our baby is Kai Li, she's our 3rd Lasha. Our other babies are three grown sons, with babies of their own. I've added you to my "follow" list, so will probably see you again before long. In the meanwhile, be blessed. PTL, Nana Ellen