Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've been so bad about blogging this past month and I'm sure that our friends are wondering where we've gone! Well, the reality is that we moved the weekend after Thanksgiving and then came December, and we all know what happens from there until now! We pray that you all had a wonderful Christmas time celebrating the birth of our Savior and being with family. I'll give a recap of all our events, but we had a wonderful time celebrating all month long!

A quick time of catch up with friends Stacey & Marla and our kids. I inherited such a great group of friends when I married Eric!

Monthly Storytime at Desert View Bible Church with Kylie's buddies, Riley & AJ

Zoolights with friends
One of Kylie's best friends, and ours too, invited us to join us at the Phoenix Zoo to celebrate the season with lights! It was a lovely night and we all got to bundle up and enjoy the evening together!

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Vee Vignettes said...

A fun update, Becca! Love the pic of AJ, Kylie and Riley enjoying their DVBC storytime snack! When you get a chance, could you forward that photo to me? I'll put it in my eternal scrapbooking pile. HA! It's January...That means it is time to plan our scrapbooking day! How about it?? :)