Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Lights at the Railroad Park

I've always been a big participant in traditions, so as Kylie grows older I want to do some consistent things that she learns to look forward to each year. This is definitely one tradition that I am glad we started this year! We went to the Railroad park at night where they have the entire back end of the track decorated with a tremendous Christmas display of lights and characters and entertainment. It was a long wait for that short 4 minute train ride, but in my opinion worth every minute! These pictures are our excuse for dressing in our warmest attire for December nights, I think it got down to 50 degrees that night & that's snow cold for us Phoenicians!

Not quite as wonderful as seeing Elmo at Sea World, but it will do!

Kylie & her cousin, Lauryn!

I'm so lucky to have the greatest family in the world!!!

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