Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Party for Jesus & Santa Clause

For as far back as I remember, one tradition that my family always celebrated on Christmas Eve was having a birthday party for Jesus. As a child, we always gathered at our cousins house and had a birthday party with cake, and then re-enacted the Christmas Story directly from the Bible. I have some great memories as sheep and wise men and even baby Jesus! Hopefully as our family grows, we can do something like this pagent too, but until then we can do a small birthday party.

Eric was on shift Christmas Eve, so Kylie and I spent the evening with my mom and stepdad decorating and then eating Jesus' birthday brownie! I have to say it was the most delicious birthday brownie and Kylie had a wonderful time decorating it however she wanted!

And, here is Kylie's picture with Santa this year. We barely made it into line at 4pm before the 5:30pm cutoff on Christmas eve. Apparently Santa has a lot to do this night :) I'm surprised I even got this shot because once she noticed that I had left Santa's lap to take the photo, it was not a pretty picture. Hopefully next year will be more enjoyable!

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