Wednesday, January 14, 2009

$180 savings from Cox Communications

Based on a prompt by the author of, I made 2 simple and quick phone calls to my local cable & internet provider, Qwest and Cox. We currently have the Cox bundle service with normal phone service and basic cable with DVR. I made a call to their competitor, Qwest and found that I could switch services and save $75 a month the first 3 months, and then $45 a month for the remaining year. So, I called Cox and asked to speak to their cancellation dept. I explained that I had been a customer of Cox for over 10 years and that I was able to switch to a competitor for a significantly reduced rate. They first told me I could switch to a basic phone w/o call waiting or caller ID and save $10 a month. That was minor to the $75 savings, so I refused and then they offered me a 6 month price match discount of 25% off my current bill! Yippee! So, by just a quick less than 10 minute exercise, I was able to save our family $180 over the next 6 months! If you live in the Phx area, the phone number for Qwest is 1-888-969-7937 and the number for Cox is 623-594-1000. Just remember to be polite and state your cause and see how much you can save! Isn't this fun!

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Anonymous said...

You are a great inspiration! Thanks for the tips and keep them coming:)