Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is the heat almost gone?!?

Not a lot has happened around the Holt house in the past week or so. We've been spending many hours playing with friends, in the pool, and anyplace with cold free air conditioning, like the malls! Here are a few pictures of some of my friends and our adventures!

Watching Thomas the Trail while sucking on popsicles with AJ

Riding the merry go round at PV Mall - she had to get the bunny!

Playing mommy to baby Nolan, does it get much sweeter than this!

Sharing my cheerios with AJ at the DC Ranch Kiddie pool.

And mommy thought I was done playing in the water. Guess she better wait to change me out of my bathing suit next time:)

Splashing at the Splash pad with Tess at our community center.

And lastly, the thought for the day, "Mom, does Chick-fil-a give away free food everyday!"

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The Riley's said...

I just love all these pictures and all the time we've been able to spend together with our kiddos. I love the picture of Kylie holding Nolan...soon he'll be bigger than her (at the rate he's growing!) & it won't be possible for her to have her "baby" time!