Saturday, June 7, 2008

Playgroup Birthday Party

For the past year or so, a group of us have been gathering every other week to celebrate being moms and having adult conversations! This month, 3 of the girls all turned 2 years old: Kylie, Shay, & Ava. We decided to have a small party with our playgroup friends and we had so much fun. I decided to be adventurous and suggest finger painting with pudding - outside of course! Erin graciously volunteered her home and patio for this mess and it could not have been a more wonderful day. Again, I can't remember a June morning in Arizona that it's only been in the 80's! Thank you Lord for such a seasonably cool summer! Thank you dearly to everyone who came to celebrate with our girls and we cherish each of your friendships!


Our Blog Dedication: said...

So much fun and such a great time! Thanks again! Next year, maybe I'll remember Kylie's birthday on her birthday! :)

Mike and Jackie D. said...

That is hilarious! We literally just got home from Target, and I had just asked what age Mike started riding a bike! We were in awe of all the bikes and toys there. I think it is just as fun for the grownups some times playing as it is for the kids! Would anyone notice if I got a bouncy seat or Bumbo for me too? Just kidding! Happy special day to Kylie and her extra special new bike!