Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Kylie has been enjoying her new Christmas toys so much! The house is definitely much more scattered with lots of stuff and we're now learning how to put away one toy before getting another out. It's a hard lesson to learn because she forgets about her other new toys while she is playing with one, and her excitement to move to the other toys is overwhelming! Recently, one of her favorite activities is to have tea parties with her animals. The teapot has a button that you push that plays "I'm a little teapot" and she squeals with excitement every time she pushes it! Here are a few of her tea party pictures!

Another favorite activity since she could walk is to play with the tupperware drawer in the kitchen. This has always been the drawer that she is allowed to play in while mom & dad are in the kitchen. Sometimes I wonder if this was truly the best option when we spend 15 minutes picking up lids & containers scattered around the house :0

Another favorite is the Dora 4X4 that Kylie got from her Uncle Travis. She loved it Christmas day and drove it all around. Then, for about 2 weeks, she wanted nothing to do with it - we think she had a bad dream about a car crash or something :) She's finally come back around and loves to ride it and give her babies rides too!

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