Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Clause is Coming to Town!

So, Eric & I haven't yet talked about how to approach the "is there a Santa question" with our kids, but we both agree that Kylie is still to young to understand who or what Santa is, so in the meantime we'll just have fun with him. As a family, we are trying to start some traditions that we will do annually and as our family hopefully grows, and one of those traditions is taking a picture with Santa. We got Kylie dressed in her cute picture outfit and as we walked into the mall on Thursday, we could see the line twist around and around like waiting to get onto Splash Mountain at Disneyland! We almost considered turning around and walking out just looking at the line, but we agreed that it would be worth the wait and boy were we right! As we're standing in line, I'm watching so many kids sit in Santa's lap and then the tears start streaming and the screams start coming. My heart broke because I knew how much I wanted this photo of Kylie and I know every other parent wanted the same of their kids. (Aren't the kids supposed to share and indulge our every dream!?!?!) Eric had prepared Kylie of who Santa is with the decorations in our home. He showed her what the beard was, what his hat was, his eye glasses, his big red jacket, etc. He did a great job preparing her for what the visit to Santa would be. To our absolute enthusiasm, Kylie was absolutely precious and all she wanted to do was smile & flirt with Santa and wave good bye to us! We couldn't stop laughing, and were hardly able to take a photo as she only wanted to smile at Santa and ignore the camera. Hopefully you can get a small idea of how excited she was to see Santa this year, we'll keep praying for the same in 2008!! Merry Christmas!

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