Sunday, December 30, 2007

A little under the weather

This week, I experienced something that I thankfully have not had to experience up until now, a sick child. I have to say it was so sad to have my enthusiastic and energetic girl just want to hold her blanky and sleep in mom's lap all day long. Selfishly I loved it because she only wanted to be held by me constantly, but I hated seeing her so sad and droopy. She ran a fever all day long, but with no other symptoms, I'm wondering if she's just working on her molar teeth. Kylie has such a sweet disposition that it breaks my heart to see her under the weather. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of her as she found new sleeping positions around the house. She would just walk a few steps, put her blanket down on the floor, close her eyes and fall asleep - is there anything more precious!?!?

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