Wednesday, April 4, 2007


A few months ago, I started meeting with a group of moms as we were all looking for a way to connect and encourage each other in this new phase of our lives. We each have the desire to raise our children the best way possible and love sharing challenges and learning how to be Godly parents. The responsibility that we've been given to raise these precious babies is enormous and we all feel so blessed to have this opportunity to love like we've never loved before. I thank the Lord for amazing friendships during these years. I've still got to get pictures of baby London & baby Haylie but they're the other kiddos in our group.

AJ is going to make a great truck driver someday!
Kylie is learning how to share her toys with Keenan
Really Mom, we're as innocent as it looks :)
Keenan, Kylie, & Ashley


B. Irv said...

Yay!! new pictures. I am excited to see the new ones up there, and others that are to come. Happy Easter!

Our Blog Dedication: said...

So much fun at playgroup, can't wait for the next one!

aunt nat said...

glad to see kylie's getting some use out of our xmas present and learning to share too! great pics sis, glad to see the updates!