Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ballet class

As a mother, I was very nervous to try another activity, since my last attempt at swim lessons caused my almost perfect daughter to be asked not to come back - as if!!! I can't imagine who wouldn't want to see her precious face every day, even if it was covered in tears, lol! I'm not sure who was more devastated by that event, but we decided to try it again, so this time I enrolled her in wee ballet. This is a parks & rec class designed for 2 year olds, so I knew Kylie would fit in well - at least with her correct age group! This class has been a great test of my patience because I want Kylie to be good at everything as soon as she starts it. And I want her to listen to all the teachers because then everyone will think what a great mom I am! Yikes, did I spell selfish correctly?!? Well, the Lord decided to humble me really quick having Kylie in this wee ballet class.

Please don't get me wrong, she is doing really well and I love watching her interact with the other kids. It's just so easy to start to compare your kid to everyone else's and I have to remind myself that she is a God created individual with her own timeline and talents and behaviors. One of the things that made me most frustrated was that she wouldn't listen to the teacher very well. My first instinct was to punish her in time out until she would listen and respond to the teacher, but I quickly learned that we would be missing the entire ballet class while sitting in time out :) My own mom then graciously reminded me that a)she's only 27 months old and that b)she is a really good kid!!! There are characteristics in her that the Lord specifically choose for Kylie's will and I get to thank God everyday for those traits and learn how to gently shape her into who God has designed her to become and not me :)

I now try to get ready for ballet with a much better attitude that this is simply fun for her, and if she only runs across the classroom without pointing her toes or doing a "pleat" (I don't have a clue how to spell that one!), it's okay because she's learning new things everyday and this is one more thing that is making her into God's not-so-perfect Kylie. But then again, if she were perfect, what would our need be for a perfect God? Thanks Lord for giving me this insight and I pray that I keep it close at hand!

A visit to Grandma Ester!

When Eric & I got married 6+ years ago, Grandma Ester was able to fly to Arizona and celebrate that occasion with us. Since then, she hasn't been able to travel and so she had never met Kylie and we hadn't seen her since 2002. Our parents graciously invited us to come back to South Dakota and visit Aunt Vanessa & Uncle Dan's ranch, and spend some long overdue time with our extended family and Grandma Ester. It was a wonderful time with our generous hosts and we can't wait until we get to entertain the Hight's in Arizona! The boys took an afternoon on the 4-wheelers, Eric got to feed a baby cow, and we traveled several hundred miles of South Dakota exploring the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore. It's so magnificant in person and I'm so grateful for that opportunity to visit! Kylie was a trooper once again on the plane, and she made friends with another little boy in the airport who was also traveling back to Arizona. We love you dearly Grandma and are so thankful that we got to spend some quality time with you. Keep smiling and we'll keep thinking of you :) Thanks mom & dad for the wonderful memories!

A visit with friends

This month started out with a surprise visit from my dear friend, Jade, who lives in Northern Ireland. It is so special to share a friendship with someone that no matter how many months go by without any communication, our friendship seems to just pick up right where we left off last time. Erin, Lenka, Jade, & I were all such close friends and it's been such a joy to watch our families expand! It was such a treat and I can't wait for her to come back at Christmas. I love you Jaders!

Kylie giving Jade a kiss

Lenka & baby David

Erin & Caleb (?!?)

Kylie, Anna, & Shay - Friends Forever!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Here are a few of Kylie's favorites at 27 months old:

Jesus Loves Me (On several occasions, she's burst out in tune while we're in the middle of the store and I couldn't be more proud!)
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
theme song to The Wonderpets
He's got the Whole World in His Hands

Cheerios or Kix
Cheese sticks

TV Shows:
The Wonderpets
Sesame Street, more specifically Cookie Monster

"I see you in the morning"
"And then can we get some crackers?"
"And then can we go to the pool/park?"

Places to go:
the pool
the park
play with...(anywhere to play with any of her friends)

Did I miss anything?!?

Look at these smiles!

While we were out and about at the mall one day, I realized that it had been several months since I had Kylie's pictures taken. She still hates being in front of the camera and it takes some sheer luck and quick cameras to capture her smiles. This time was the exception and almost every shot was precious. These are just a few of my favorites!

Is the heat almost gone?!?

Not a lot has happened around the Holt house in the past week or so. We've been spending many hours playing with friends, in the pool, and anyplace with cold free air conditioning, like the malls! Here are a few pictures of some of my friends and our adventures!

Watching Thomas the Trail while sucking on popsicles with AJ

Riding the merry go round at PV Mall - she had to get the bunny!

Playing mommy to baby Nolan, does it get much sweeter than this!

Sharing my cheerios with AJ at the DC Ranch Kiddie pool.

And mommy thought I was done playing in the water. Guess she better wait to change me out of my bathing suit next time:)

Splashing at the Splash pad with Tess at our community center.

And lastly, the thought for the day, "Mom, does Chick-fil-a give away free food everyday!"