Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I have to give thanks to my friend, Anne, who introduced me to "blog tag." I had never heard of it prior to being tagged, but I love the idea. It's an attempt to share 6 things about yourself that most people probably won't know. I know it's not our favorite thing to talk about ourselves, but it's a great way for our friends to get to know us better. I've been putting this off for weeks and figure it's finally time to fulfill my task and pass it along. I now get to tag 6 people who get to share their little known secrets as well. I'm tagging Amy Price, Jackie D'Ortenzio, Katrina Brennan, Nate Hughes, Wendy Betts, and Meghan Riley!. I know we're all totally busy, so if you don't have time, I won't be offended, just don't be surprised when you're kicked off the Christmas card list :) J/K

1. I spent most of college looking for scholarships to finance my education and found some interesting opportunities. 2 of the most fun were the Arizona Maid of Cotton Pagent and the Fiesta Bowl Queen & Court. Both of these gave me some needed money for school & memories. I ended up 1st Runner-Up for AZ Maid of Cotton and was crowned a Fiesta Bowl Princess. The Fiesta Bowl Court was a blast and I met football teams, attended the Governor's Ball on New Year's Eve, learned how to golf, and more. I met girls that I am still friends with and have memories that I'll never forget.

2. I spent 12 weeks in 2001 in the Czech Repbulic teaching English to high school & college students. This experience truly opened my mind to the world of true missions and I fell in love with the students, the country, and my God all over again. I could go back and teach these students every summer and I'm jealous of those friends I have that get to do this full time!

3. When I turned 18, my dad took me skydiving for my birthday. It's a memory that I'll have for the rest of my life thanks to the video that I have to remember the day with! It may not always be apparent, but I am a total adrenaline junkie and can't wait to do this again! Maybe as an anniversary present, honey?!

4. My brother has 2 fingers that are shorter than the rest thanks entirely to me. When I was about 3 and he was about 1, we were playing with the bedroom doors and I got carried away and closed a door too quickly too tightly. I promise I didn't plan to spend the week before Christmas in the hospital with the dr sewing his fingers back on his hand. I still feel bad for this one, even though I didn't know any better. I have a pretty big paranoia for Kylie playing with doors now days - can you blame me?!

5. I lived with 11+ girls thru-out my college years, once I moved out of the dorms. I always knew people looking for an apartment, so we kinda made our own church sorority. It was an open door policy and people came and went as their lives changed, but I have some of the best memories ever from these 3 years: "the Den," being introduced to my now husband, having our patio turned into a romantic first valentine's day surprise, having the apt broken into, late night Young Life parties, lots of card playing, etc. I wouldn't trade my college years for anything!

6. I've run out of interesting things, but I just remembered a last little known fact that Eric and I actually had dinner together in California on spring break before we even knew each other. We each were in San Diego with groups of friends that had similar people, and we ended up at the same dinner with about 15 of us at Anthony's Fish Grotto in San Diego. It's a good thing we didn't meet then, because who knows what would have happened or what the time in our lives would have held.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, now I get to wait and see who will be tagged next! Enjoy and God bless!