Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Morning! Did this kid grow up overnight?

Another wonderful day at the park!

I'm beginning to feel like a broken record with all this talk about these fabulous spring days, but I know I'll feel like I'm snowed in when the 110 weather comes in just a few short weeks. So we have to take advantage of our amazing days now. A few more shots of how much Kylie loves to swing, slide, & take her wagon out every day! She's also become quite the rock collector. In the backyard, on our walks, in the parking lot, etc. We've tried to use it as a tool to learn counting, but no success with that yet :) Grandpa & Brenda also accompanied us on this visit, but you can't quite see them in the pictures!

Already a purse fettish?!?

Kylie received a purse for her first birthday from one of our friends, a fellow purse collector herself (thanks Amy)! She is just now beginning to understand how much fun they can be and how much they can hold. Kylie loves to walk around the house and put her "fon, card, stick & keys" (translated phone, credit card, lipstick, & keys) into the purse and then pull everything out again. This was one of those fun occasions where she forgot what was in the purse! Now I remembered where my Noah's ark animals went!!!

What a beautiful morning!

The weather around here has been just short of amazing the past few weeks, and we were finally all feeling good enough to get out and enjoy it. This morning, we went to our community park with Shay & her mom, Erin, and we had a wonderful time enjoying the sun and water. Kylie was pretty hesitant to get near the fountains, but with a little persuasion from Shay, she was doing great by the end of our playdate! Here are a few shots of the girls having fun!